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As an integrative therapist, I work in a holistic way paying attention to thoughts, feelings and somatic symptoms that cause dissonance and distress. I seek to engage with my clients at the source of disturbance where events and feelings in the past are explored in relation to their impact and relevance in the present. 


​In considering the importance of the whole person, I bring together concepts from humanistic, psychodynamic and body psychotherapy. This in turn is complimented by the use of imagery and metaphor, a tool that enables the expression of thoughts and emotions that may lie beyond the reach of conscious reason.


Above all, however, I work in a way that seeks to respect the individuality of each client and the issues presented. I therefore endeavour to facilitate an environment in which clients can come to explore feelings safely and at their own pace.

There are times in life when we need another to accompany our process, and in a space that is  free of judgement and external constraints - this is my aspiration as witness to your experience of growth and change.

I am committed to the practice of discussing my work in regular supervision with a senior practitioner who follows the same code of professional practice as myself. 

All sessions are confidential and usually take place once weekly. Therapy can be short- or long-term.

© 2020 Jane Palmer
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